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Welcome to the R-Package-crs wiki!

github now hosts the latest code for the crs package (an R package for categorical regression splines). The code on github will, if anything, be more recent than that contained in the latests crs package uploaded to CRAN which can be found at

The crs package on CRAN (Comprehensive R Archive Network)

However, be forewarned that some code found here may be experimental in nature and may not appear in the next version of the package to be uploaded to CRAN.

I welcome comments, criticism, and suggestions for improvements. Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions whatsoever.

And, as always, I love to hear from users who find the package to be of value in their work and to hear a bit about the types of projects this R package is being deployed on.

-- Jeffrey S. Racine racinej@mcmaster.ca