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R package np (Nonparametric Kernel Smoothing Methods for Mixed Data Types)
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This is the R package `np' (Nonparametric Kernel Methods for Mixed Datatypes) written and maintained by Jeffrey S. Racine ( and co-authored by Tristen Hayfield (


You can install the stable version on CRAN:

install.packages('np', dependencies = TRUE)

Or download the zip ball or tar ball, decompress and run R CMD INSTALL on it.

Alternatively, you can install the development version but before doing so Windows users have to first install Rtools, while OS X users have to first install Xcode and the command line tools (in OS X 10.9 or higher, once you have Xcode installed, open a terminal and run xcode-select --install). Note also that versions of e.g. Rtools are paired with versions of R so ensure you have the latest version of R installed prior to commencing this process.

After installing Rtools/Xcode and devtools (via install.packages("devtools")), install the development package using the following command:

library(devtools); install_github('JeffreyRacine/R-Package-np')

Note also that if you wish a fast install without the building of vignettes (or if you do not have TeX installed on your system), add the option build_vignettes=FALSE to the install_github() call.

Note that if you wish to install the MPI-enabled development version of the package (i.e. the package `npRmpi'), you can add the option ref='npRmpi' to the install_github call above presuming that your system has the required MPI subsystem installed (see my homepage for further details).

For more information on this project please visit the maintainer's website (

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