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Uplink Recordings Dataset

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@Jeija Jeija released this 23 Dec 15:01
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The attached ZIP file contains a collection of DBPSK-modulated uplink recordings for the device with device ID 004d33db and NAK (key) 479e4480fd7596d45b0122fd282db3cf. Use the uplink demodulation script to demodulate these recordings. The audio files were produced using GQRX's I/Q recording functionality and were captured by directly connecting the antenna output of a Pycom SiPy to a HackRF One. The Pycom SiPy was modified to transmit at a constant frequency (not at three randomly chosen frequencies within the uplink band).

The included meta.csv file contains relevant metadata such as the uplinks's SN. It also contains the HEX payloads of initial transmission and of the two convolutionally coded replicas.

Downlink frames can be decoded using renard.

$ renard uldecode -f 08d0097db334d00ffc0aaee7a -k 479e4480fd7596d45b0122fd282db3cf
Plain frame: 08d0097db334d00ffc0aaee7a0
Downlink request: no
Sequence Number : 097
Device ID       : 004d33db
Payload         : ff
CRC             : OK
MAC             : OK