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A plugin that adds context-menu items for Dropbox to Thunar.
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Thunar-Dropbox is a plugin for Thunar that adds context-menu items from Dropbox. It was originally developed by Maato.

Screenshot of Thunar-Dropbox



Depending on your distribution you might have to install libthunarx-3.

From a repository

This version of the plugin is currently only available at the AUR.

From source

cmake --build build

The first call to cmake configures the build system. The -B flag specifies the output directory, here build. The dot at the end is the path to the directory containing CMakeLists.txt.
DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX sets the installation directory and might be unnecessary on your distribution, or you might need to set it to some other path.

The second call actually compiles the project into the build directory. Afterwards, you can execute

cmake --build build --target install --config Release

to install it to the proper directories.

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