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OBD PIDs for the Hyundai Ioniq Electric

How to use:

These codes are primarily for use with Torque Pro which runs on Android phones and tablets. The preferred method of inputting them to the phone is via the plugin, HKMC-EV-Torque-Plugin. Or this can be done manually. Setting up Torque to show OBD data For some info on using Torque Pro. Tips for using Torque Pro

List of files:

OBD PIDs in the extendedpids folder

  • Hyundai_Ioniq_EV_BMS_data.csv :- Data from the High Voltage battery.
  • Hyundai_Ioniq_EV_BMS_cell_data :- The 96 cell voltages of the High Voltage battery.
  • Hyundai_Ioniq_EV_Extra_gauges.csv :- Extra values calculated from the PID data.

For Analysis

  • Spreadsheet_IoniqEV_BMS_2101_2105.xls :- Response of PID and sensor mapping


Most of the PIDs from the Kia Soul EV are working for Ioniq. Check compatible PID and merge into Ioniq PID.


For an explanation of the acronyms see the Glossary