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A word meaning finder daemon for Linux!!

Lexidest = Lexi(word: in Greek) + idest(meaning: in Latin)

# First check that jq and xclip are installed or not
# jq is a json parsing tool and xclip is a tool for clipboard
sudo apt install jq
sudo apt install xclip
#For cloning by HTTPS
git clone --shallow-submodules

#For cloning by SSH
git clone --shallow-submodules

mv Lexidest ~/.lexidest
cd ~/.lexidest
chmod +x

Now get the meaning of any word by selecting it.

Also note that you can define it as a command by putting the line given below in your ~/.bashrc file

alias lexidest="~/.lexidest/lexidest.out"

You can also put ~/.lexidest/lexidest.out in ~/.xprofile. So that lexidest will start at the login time.

Killing lexidest

If it got stuck at any point you can kill the process by killall lexidest.out

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