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My adventure in learning Python Machine Learning and Deep Learning
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My adventure in learning Python, machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL).

My goal is to document my progress at learning Python ML and DL on a GitHub repo.

Author: Jennifer E. Yoon

Main Classes:

Coursera, Deep Learning AI Specialization:

  • Class 1: Neural Networks and Deep Learning

  • Class 2: Improving Deep Neural Networks

  • Class 3: Structuring Machine Learning Projects

  • Class 4: Convolutional Neural Networks

  • Class 5: Sequence Models

  • Additional class: Introduction to TensorFlow

Main Books:

Folder Organization:

Folder structure will be either by topic or by class name.

  • CS231n - folder for learning Stanford class Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition.
  • dlai - folder for DeepLearning.AI Specialization classes.
  • fastai - deep learning classes by

I am also a member of a Meetup group in Sterling, Virginia that is studying data science classes together. Our group is focusing on Coursera Deep Learning AI Specialization, starting in September 2019 and continuing into 2020.

Correcting My Errors

Use a pull request to make corrections or to share additional information. Typos and grammatical fixes are always welcome. Supporting information on any of the topics are also welcome.


  • Started on 7/17/2019 as a Github public repo.
  • August and September 2019, add folders for CS231n, dlai (deep learning .ai), Chollet-DLPy book, Vanderplas machine learning book.
  • February-March 2020, update dlai folders for more classes.
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