Hummingbird wiki coded with Python and made to run on a USB drive
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Portable Python
Enter Colibri Collection.lnk
Install Colibri Collection Configuration Part 1.lnk
Install Colibri Collection Configuration Part 2.lnk
Setup & Access Instructions.txt
Start Colibri Collection.bat


Hummingbird wiki coded with Python and made to run on a USB drive


  • Will run on Windows Vista and higher. (Cannot be run on Linux or OSX systems at the moment.)
  • USB drive


  1. Download files to root of USB drive.
  2. Plug into device running Windows Vista or higher.
  3. Open USB folder and click "Install Colibri Collection Configuration Part 1" followed by "Part 2" and allow your device to run it as Administrator by selecting the "Yes" option when it prompts "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?". (This step adds the icon for the program and edits your PC's hosts file to allow the domain to resolve to the local web server running on the USB.)
  4. Click the "Enter Colibri Collection" icon to open it in your default browser. It takes the web server a few moments to start running the website, but the browser should automatically refresh and load the site. You can also manually refresh the browser page.

Running the application

Please note that this will not run without a populated database. This database has been removed from the github version along with large image/video folders. The code remains for review.

Built With


<<<<<<< HEAD Jenna Recktenwald

Jenna Recktenwald