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  • I wrote this library for my project Queslite(http://queslite.com), it's a solution for questionnaire auto genarate. It translate user input into XML, then use xlst to translate XML into HTML to display.
  • Queslite is totally coded by PHP 5.2+, I wrote the xml selector for that to make a easy way to find XMLNode, set and get its value, attributes.
  • Use this library, you could select xml note like using jQuery. Although I just implement some simple features of jQuery, it would be useful for you while programming a xml base project. I hope this would be helpful. :)
    • PS: jQuery is a great js library.

How to use select function

function select($str)


array, use selectSingle to return DOMElement


depends on $str

argument example

<?xml version="1.0"?>
	<person id="jennal" age="22">
		<favorite>love xiaoyu</favorite>
	<person id="xiaoyu" age="21">
		<favorite>love jennal</favorite>
 select("lover person") #will get an array of elements whose tagName is person
	 select("person") #could do the same thing
 select("#jennal") #will get an array of elements which has only one element, its id="jennal"
 select("person[age=22]") #will get an array of elements whose age="22"
 select("#jennal favorite") #will get an array of elements which are jennal's favorite
	 select("person[age=22] favorite") #could do the same thing