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Selfish Alice and a Hundred Day War translation project

The purpose of this project is to translate the free game "Selfish Alice and a Hundred Day War" into languages other than Japanese.


Please use Windows or MacOSX.
Please use version 5.6.1f of Unity.

Handling branches

The master branch will not be touched except by the developer(KoromoSoft).
If you are a translator, please clone your branch (if you do not have a fork, create one) in your own environment and do the work there.

Where to translate

  1. Contents of the Texture folders located throughout the project folder.
  2. Contents of the Asset/Resources/Scenario folder. (Novel scenario)
  3. Data that is directly used by the game objects in each scene (data in a library, speech in a bonus scene, etc.)

How to participate

Please contact us with the language into which you wish to translate the game and your e-mail address on Github.

Conditional terms for participation

Participation is conditional on those who can communicate in Japanese so that there is no confusion in regards to any words or phrases when interacting with the developer.