The Double Fine Action Forum Adventure Game
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The Double Fine Action Forum Adventure Game

This is an attempt at making a comedic point and click graphic adventure game featuring people from the Double Fine Action Forums. Those who are participating in this are:

Jenni, AnAnemoneInAnonymity, Noname215, Darth Marsden, Feddlefew, Fhqwhgads, Klatuu, St_Eddie, and Remolay

Contributions so far: art: Jenni avatar art: Klatuu

If you wish to join in, you can still participate by asking to be a part of this at the Double Fine forums and I'll draw a likeness of you for the game (you'll have the final say on how your likeness appears) or you can draw your own avatar if you like.

You can also contribute by submitting code, art, or music through the dfafadventure branch on github.

Any and all help is appreciated! :)

This project uses the Wintermute engine by dead:code.

It is being optimized for use with the Wintermute engine in ScummVM, which was developed by somaen, t0by, and the ScummVM team (the version that is bundled with the WIP snapshots of this game is 1.8.1, unmodified).