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Practice JavaScript with a hangman game
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The main point of the project is to practice JavaScript. The game will run in the browser, and will work using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The HTML, CSS and JavaScript should be separate files and be linked.

The nature of the game is word guessing (aka hangman). The computer will choose a random word and display the letters as blanks. The player will guess the letters in the word using the keyboard.

The game should include:

  • Instructions: Press a key!
  • The word displayed in blanks (dashes or other symbols)
  • Letters already guessed will be displayed
  • A countdown of how many guesses are left
  • A counter for wins and for losses

Functionality should include:

  • Updates to the word as letters a correctly guessed
  • updates to the guess count
  • Updates to the wins and losses count
  • After a win or loss the game should restart and a new letter be chosen
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