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Bee-Z Street

Bee-Z Street Google Slides presentation

Image of Bee-Z Street


Technologies Used:

Front-End: React-dnd, react-dnd-html5-backend, React.js, ES6, JSX, Materialize, Javascript

Back-End: MongoDB, Passport Authentication, Nodemon, Webpack, Babel, Express, ORM file structure, Axios, Mongoose

I contributed to this group project by working on the react drag-and-drop garden page and by drawing the data flow sheet.

Check out Bee-Z Street here


Start by installing front and backend dependencies. While in this directory, run the following commands:

yarn install
cd client
yarn install
cd ..

After both installations complete, run the following command in your terminal:

yarn start

That's it, your app should be running on <http://localhost:3000>. The Express server should intercept any AJAX requests from the client.

## Deployment (Heroku)

##Delete Heroku info

After confirming that you have an up to date git repository and a Heroku app created, complete the following:

1. Build the React app for production by running the following command:

yarn build

> Note: A yarn build will be required to register any new Post requests from any front-end JavaScript to to prevent any proxy server errors.

2. Add and commit all changes to git

3. Push to Heroku

If all previous steps were followed correctly, your application should be deployed to Heroku!

Coded by Melissa Waltner, Sam McCall, Patrick Kearney and Jennifer Lang


Bee-Z Street is a full-stack React site that lets you search indigenous plants and create a drag-and-drop garden of your favorite bee-friendly flowers.



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