A SVG presentation tool: started as revamped version of JessyInk. Based on Inkscape export filters and a bit of JavaScript for the browser part. - No longer maintained
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Create your presentation slides with your favourite tool inkscape

rePresent started out as a revamped version of the JessyInk script for the Inkscape SVG vector drawing program.

Most of the javascript code is moved to a dedicated export filter written in python wich does all the neccesry SVG setup. Only the presentation logic is left to the javascript code wich runs in the webbrowser.

  • For now there are no transition effects (and problaby never will be).


Although rePresent is not complete there are some features already present in the development version.

Implemented - may be working

  • All texts are converted to pathes (based on idea & code from Jan Thor). No more problems with missing fonts on different systems.
  • Time and slide position indicator
  • Slides overview (not navigable yet)
  • Basic confgiuration support (no gui yet)

Planned / not yet started

  • Print a handout version of your slides direct from the browser
  • Bookmarks/Chapter support