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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
def test_parse_docstring():
from pep257 import parse_docstring as pd
s1 = '''def foo(): # o hai comment
2 + 2'''
assert pd(s1) == '"""docstring"""'
s2 = '''def foo(): # o hai comment
2 + 2'''
assert pd(s2) is None
assert pd("def foo():pass") is None
#assert pd("def bar():'doc';pass") == "'doc'"
def test_abs_pos():
from pep257 import abs_pos as ap
assert ap((1, 0), 'foo') == 0
assert ap((1, 2), 'foo') == 2
assert ap((2, 0), 'foo\nbar') == 4
def test_rel_pos():
from pep257 import rel_pos as rp
assert rp(0, 'foo') == (1, 0)
assert rp(2, 'foo') == (1, 2)
assert rp(4, 'foo\nbar') == (2, 0)
assert rp(6, 'foo\nbar') == (2, 2)
def test_parse_functions():
from pep257 import parse_functions as pf
assert pf('') == []
# TODO assert pf('def foo():pass') == ['def foo():pass']
assert pf('def foo():\n pass\n') == ['def foo():\n pass\n']
assert pf('def foo():\n pass') == ['def foo():\n pass']
f1 = '''def foo():\n pass\ndef bar():\n pass'''
assert pf(f1) == ['def foo():\n pass\n',
'def bar():\n pass']
f2 = '''def foo():\n pass\noh, hai\ndef bar():\n pass'''
assert pf(f2) == ['def foo():\n pass\n',
'def bar():\n pass']
def test_parse_methods():
from pep257 import parse_methods as pm
assert pm('') == []
m1 = '''class Foo:
def m1():
def m2():
assert pm(m1) == ['def m1():\n pass\n ',
'def m2():\n pass']
m2 = '''class Foo:
def m1():
def m2():
assert pm(m2) == ['def m1():\n pass\n ',
'def m2():\n pass']
def test_check_triple_double_quotes():
from pep257 import check_triple_double_quotes as check
assert check("'''Not using triple douple quotes'''", None, None)
assert not check('"""Using triple double quotes"""', None, None)
assert not check('r"""Using raw triple double quotes"""', None, None)
assert not check('u"""Using unicode triple double quotes"""', None, None)
def test_check_backslashes():
from pep257 import check_backslashes as check
assert check('"""backslash\\here""""', None, None)
assert not check('r"""backslash\\here""""', None, None)
def test_check_unicode_docstring():
from pep257 import check_unicode_docstring as check
assert not check('"""No Unicode here."""', None, None)
assert not check('u"""Здесь Юникод: øπΩ≈ç√∫˜µ≤"""', None, None)
assert check('"""Здесь Юникод: øπΩ≈ç√∫˜µ≤"""', None, None)
def test_check_ends_with_period():
from pep257 import check_ends_with_period as check
assert check('"""Should end with a period"""', None, None)
assert not check('"""Should end with a period."""', None, None)
def test_check_blank_after_summary():
from pep257 import check_blank_after_summary as check
s1 = '''"""Blank line missing after one-line summary.
s2 = '''"""Blank line missing after one-line summary.
assert check(s1, None, None)
assert not check(s2, None, None)
def test_check_indent():
from pep257 import check_indent as check
context = '''def foo():
Properly indented.
assert not check('"""%s"""' % context.split('"""')[1], context, None)
context = '''def foo():
Not Properly indented.
assert check('"""%s"""' % context.split('"""')[1], context, None)
def test_check_blank_after_last_paragraph():
from pep257 import check_blank_after_last_paragraph as check
s1 = '''"""Multiline docstring should end with 1 blank line.
Blank here:
s2 = '''"""Multiline docstring should end with 1 blank line.
No blank here.
assert not check(s1, None, None)
assert check(s2, None, None)
def test_pep257():
from pep257 import check_files
assert [] == check_files([''])