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Clearing parse warnings at every parse config call.

Without this change, configurations that generated parse
warnings would cause the parse_warnings array to grow
without bounds as reload() was called.  In an application
where reload() is called repeatedly, the memory usage
of the supervisord process grew over time.

Addresses Supervisor#89
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1 parent 5d8a8bf commit cf16e6a313af4e608b48973bf387d2cdc1a026c4 Philip Zeyliger committed Feb 21, 2012
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@@ -481,6 +481,9 @@ def process_config_file(self, do_usage=True):
self.process_group_configs = new
def read_config(self, fp):
+ # Clear parse warnings, since we may be re-reading the
+ # config a second time after a reload.
+ self.parse_warnings = []
section = self.configroot.supervisord
if not hasattr(fp, 'read'):

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