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Language detection for Android

This sample shows a proof-of-concept application, that can detect language/locale from text snippets. There are several online services (1 2 3), but on-device detection is preferred on most cases because of cost and privacy.

Library solution

Java library that builds on Wiki or Twitter for language detection. Result will be the most probable of the added/known language profiles.

It is possible to expand/train the library with new data/languages with no big hassle.

To work on Android there needs to be some customization done to reduce memory footprint. I have done some smaller customization as a fork of shuyos repo, but the memory footprint is still 40-90 MB of memory.
This means that some lower spec phones will not be able to run the code, and depending on phone it will take 10-60 seconds for the library to initialize with all 40 languages supported.
Limiting the number of languages will of course reduce the loading time and memory footprint.

Android O TextClassificationManager

Only Android 8+
For the Android O preview there was a feature announced to improve TTS (Text-To-Speech) with language detection via TextClassificationManager.
But in developer preview 3, this feature was removed from the official API, but still accessible unofficially through reflection.

It seems that using the TextClassificationManager has no overhead, though it needs at least 5 words in a string to be able to detect any language probability.

The original feature description was

Accessibility function

Language Detection
To identify the language of your choice within the text range specified by the text-to-speech (TTS) tool,
TextClassificationManager.detectLanguages()use. This method is TextClassificationManagerincluded in the class introduced in
Android O android.view.textclassifier.TextLanguageYou can use the object's result list to identify the range 
of text assigned to a particular language and how TTS assigned the language to a particular subset of text.

Sample code

Usage of the modified Java library is shown in DetectionExtLib and access to the TextClassificationManager on Android O is shown in DetectionTextClassifier.

The code is slow to build (2-10 minutes) because of the large files in the lib module. You can check out the sample debug application in the sample folder.

Difficult situations

  • Short text have a higher probability to be “guessed” wrong
  • Mix language messages – “out of office indtil i morgen” (English + Danish)
  • Emojis
  • Code will always match at least one of the available languages. Hard to build reliable rules like “If not detected, use default”
  • Could limit the “detection” to be only messages with more than 2-5 words
  • Will match 90% of sentences. More accuracy is unlikely


Output from JUnit test of

Desc println Desc println
TEXT d r ligemeget PROB [tl:0.9999951075554466]
PROB [da:0.9999965798529784] TEXT Wie geths
TEXT Oh nee die is best slecht PROB [de:0.9999964124956877]
PROB [nl:0.8571375332115239, de:0.1428613482712434] TEXT Come 2 u or me
TEXT Hello there PROB [pt:0.9999936502079427]
PROB [en:0.9999978942007692] TEXT new invoice
TEXT jeg r på vej PROB [en:0.9999955920839266]
PROB [no:0.7142821787613173, da:0.28571782123868267] TEXT har du gået med hunden
TEXT Min computer virker ikke!!! PROB [da:0.999993160438744]
PROB [da:0.716716473458616, no:0.283283526541384] TEXT har købt en ny laptop
TEXT Why did you do that PROB [da:0.9999934411218343]
PROB [en:0.9999979280002544] TEXT 😊
TEXT Jabra PROB [he:0.9999951107521816]
PROB [lv:0.9999958637019545] TEXT Vielen dank für die Blumen
TEXT Go away PROB [de:0.9999959193169594]



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