Advanced Custom Fields add-on for Website URLs, allows for website URL, title and a checkbox to open externally or internally
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Advanced Custom Fields - Website field add-on

Contributors: Jeradin, jmslbam, patrickhafner
Tags: acf, acf add-on, website url, website title
Requires at least: 4.0
Tested up to: 4.0
Stable tag: 4.3

License: GPLv2 or later


Adds a Website Field to Advanced Custom Fields. Select if link should be an external link, if it should show title or the url.

This works with ACF 4 and ACF5 / ACF5Pro.

This is an add-on for the Advanced Custom Fields WordPress plugin and will not provide any functionality to WordPress unless Advanced Custom Fields is installed and activated.

The Website field gives a few basic options:

  • Show / Hide Title (if checked to No, than the website URL will show on the front end and the title field will not be shown in the admin)
  • Open in Current Window - default will make all URLs open a new browser window for external sites. ( if checked to Yes, than the admin section will have a checkbox to specify if the link should open the current window.)
  • Return array instead of Link - default will return a formatted URL with option to return as an array.

Source Repository on GitHub

Bugs, Questions or Suggestions



The Website Field plugin needs to be added to your themes. Download the zip file and upload as any Wordpress plugin.

How to Use

<?php the_field('website')?>

will output:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

or this (if you select title option):

<a href="" target="_blank">Catalog</a>

or this (if you select current window option):

<a href="">Example</a>

If you have the field return an array:

array(3) { 
	["title"]=> "Example" 
	["url"]=> "" 
	["external"]=> "1" 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I've activated the plugin, but nothing happens!
A: Make sure you have Advanced Custom Fields installed and activated. This is not a standalone plugin for WordPress, it only adds additional functionality to Advanced Custom Fields.


  1. Website Field.
  2. Front End View.



  • Fixed settings for 5.1 2.0

  • Removed Auto github updater bundle, best to install their plugin :
  • Moved validation to the admin section, added HTML5 validation along with basic URL validation.
  • Added placeholder text thanks @chellman
  • Now works with ACF4 & ACF5 thanks @patrickhafner
  • Fixed display of field in seamless mode

  • Fixed issue with target link and some wording updates


  • Fixed issue when field was required


  • Replaced with better auto updater code


  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • Fixing blank website fields.


  • Can now return array instead of formatted link.


  • Auto Update from github!


  • Merged fixes from jmslbam
  • -slight cleanup


  • Fixed bugs
  • -trailing urls
  • -not howing up in the admin
  • -other cleanup


  • Made it an uploadable plugin


  • Updated code for ACF 4.0


  • Initial Release