A simple docker command wrapper for the rest of us.
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A simple docker command wrapper for the rest of us.

dockerw is a tool to support creating docker images. It aims to help you to build and (locally) run docker images and hides all the command line pain.

Note: dockerw targets only 'latest' tagged images (does not impact /touch implicit tagged images)!


./dockerw [ build | run | stop | clean | status | env | help ]





Command Description
build builds the docker image
run runs a docker container in foreground based on the image
stop stops all running container based on the image and removes them
clean "stop" and then removes ALL (latest) images/artifacts
status shows the status if the docker image
env list current environment variables
help display help


  1. Create a dockerw directory ahead your docker working dir and copy the dockerw.sh script to that location.
  2. Copy a dockerw script located into the working dir of a docker image. Using default values only the dockerw script is just calling the dockerw.sh:
#! /bin/bash

# call dockerw.sh, passing arguments and using env variables
. ../dockerw/dockerw.sh

You can overule the default environment like this:

#! /bin/bash

# env
DOCKER_RUN_ARGS="-ti -p 1883:1883 -p 8883:8883"

# call dockerw.sh, passing arguments and using env variables
. ../dockerw/dockerw.sh


The CONTAINER_NAME is the parent working directory base name. The default base name (BASE_NAME_DEFAULT) and default docker run arguments (DOCKER_RUN_ARGS_DEFAULT) can be changed in dockerw.sh. The image name (IMAGE_NAME) is build like this: BASE_NAME_DEFAULT/CONTAINER_NAME (e.g. jerady/ubuntu).

Environment variables

Name Description Default Example
BASE_NAME the base name of the docker container "jerady" jerady
CONTAINER_NAME the name of the docker container "$(basename 'pwd')" mosquitto
IMAGE_NAME the name of the docker image "${BASE_NAME}/${CONTAINER_NAME}" jerady/mosquitto
DOCKER_RUN_ARGS the arguments to run the container "-ti" -ti
DOCKER_RUN the docker run command to be called by ./dockerw run "docker run ${DOCKER_RUN_ARGS} --name ${CONTAINER_NAME} ${IMAGE_NAME}" docker run -ti --name mosquitto jerady/mosquitto


Jens Deters // mail@jensd.de // @jerady // www.jensd.de

(c) copyright 2016 Jens Deters