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Library that defines units types, their arithmetic and conversions.
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Library allowing to manipulate different kinds of web units.

  • length units
  • angle units
  • rgba & hsla colors

(I extracted this library from cljss thus the lack of more general units.)


In project.clj:

[jeremys/units "0.2.2"]


Lengths & angles

Roughly this library let's you write code like with lengths and angles:

(ns my.ns
  (:require [clojure.algo.generic.arithmetic :as agen]
            [clojure.algo.generic.comparison :as cgen])
  (:use units.lenght))

(def l1 (agen/+ (px 10) (mm 25)))
(def l2 (agen/- (agen/* 3 (in 1)) (cm 1)))

l1 ;=> (mm 27.645833333333332)
l2 ;=> (mm 6.62)

(px l1) ;=> (px 104.48818897637796)
(px l2) ;=> (px 250.2047244094488)

(cgen/< l1 l2) ;=> true

The same operations are available for angle units.angle at the difference that angle mesures are automatically bound in an interval. For instance:

(use units.angle)

(deg 380) ;=> (deg 20)



  • ADDED: Support for using rgba hexa notations of colors.


  • ADDED: Support of pretty much every unit type specified in css3.
  • ADDED: functions red blue... can now generate a new color when used with 2 args.


  • ADDED: conversions are now supported
  • ADDED: generic comparison is now supported
  • ADDED: arithmetic between different unit types are now possible if the types are compatibles.
  • ADDED: what holds for arithmetic holds for comparisons too.


  • Convert string -> color (rgba string -> color)
  • Rethink the arithmetic of the numbers contained in the different types
    • convert everything to floats ?
    • use ratios then to float at the last moment?
    • round at certain decimal ?
  • use defined types for the colors (deg, % for hsla) ?


Copyright © 2013 Jérémy Schoffen.

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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