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# marquee test suite
The marquee test suite is broken down into the following components.
- open Marquee and TestManager dependencies
- specify the maximum amount of browsers that are able to run concurrently
- specify the function for reporting test results
- create the test manager
- register tests
- tell the test manager to run the tests
- end the test manager
- exit the program
#I "../../bin"
#I "../../packages/Selenium.WebDriver/lib/net40"
#r "WebDriver.dll"
#load "Marquee.fs"
#load "TestManager.fs"
#load "ConsoleReporter.fs"
## Dependencies
The Marquee module loads the crucial BrowserType for specifying the Browser
open Marquee
//The TestManager module loads test registration and concurrent execution types
//As well as the TestResultsFunction for handling test results
open TestManager
## Configurations
Specify the AmountOfBrowsers configuration for concurrent execution
MaximumBrowsersPossible is based on total registered tests
other option is the following IWantThisManyBrowsers 3
let amountOfBrowsers = MaximumBrowsersPossible
//Also possible is the IWantThisManyBrowsers(int) option
let specificAmountOfBrowsers = IWantThisManyBrowsers 10
### Browser
Currently supported browsers are
- Chrome
- Firefox
- PhantomJS
let chromeBrowser = Chrome(CurrentDirectory)
let firefoxBrowser = SpecificDirectory __SOURCE_DIRECTORY__ |> Firefox
let phantomJsBrowser = CurrentDirectory |> PhantomJs
To start a browser define a BrowserConfiguration record and call the Browser.Create function
This is normally handled by the Test Manager.
let browserConfiguration : BrowserConfiguration = {
BrowserType = firefoxBrowser
AssertionTimeout = 5000
ElementTimeout = 5000
let browser = browserConfiguration |> Browser.Create
browser.Url ""
"#lst-ib" |> browser.SetInput "what is love"
### TestResultsFunction
The TestResultsFunction is used for configuring how test results are reported or saved
consoleReporter is a module provided by marquee for reporting via the console
let testResultsFunction = ConsoleReporter.resultsFunction
## TestManager
A TestManager handles test registration, test execution, and test results
We can start a testManager instance by calling TestManager.Create
TestManager.Create has the function signature
TestManagerConfiguration -> TestManager
let testManagerConfiguration : TestManagerConfiguration =
BrowserType = firefoxBrowser
InfoFunction = ConsoleReporter.infoFunction
TestResultsFunction = testResultsFunction
AmountOfBrowsers = amountOfBrowsers
AssertionTimeout = 5000
ElementTimeout = 5000
let testManager = testManagerConfiguration |> TestManager.Create
### Optional Test Registration Operator
Define an operator for test registration
let (--) testDescription testFunc = testManager.Register testDescription testFunc
#### Test Registration
//Describe what the test is testing for and start the test function
"Button should click" -- fun browser ->
//Use the supplied browser to navigate to a specific url
browser.Url ""
//Assert that elements gathered using the css selector have the test "button not clicked"
"#button_clicked" |> browser.ElementTextEquals "button not clicked"
//Click the elements gathered with the css selector #button
browser.Click "#button"
//Assert that elements gathered using the css selector have the test "button clicked"
"#button_clicked" |> browser.ElementTextEquals "button clicked"
//Assert that an element that matches the css selector #welcome is displayed
browser.Displayed "#welcome"
//Assert that elements gathered using the css selector have the text "Welcome"
"#welcome" |> browser.ElementTextEquals "Welcome"
alternative is to register tests using the following
testManager.Register "If some action occurs something specific should happen" (fun browser ->
browser.Url ""
### Executing Tests
Start concurrent execution of registered tests
testManager.RunTests ()
//Report the results via the TestResultsFunction and get exit code from test session
let exitCode = testManager.ReportResults ()
//End the Manager instance
testManager.EndManager ()
//exit the program and return the exitCode from the test results
exit exitCode