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Jeremy Englert
2013-08-04 17:56:47 -0700
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Is JointsWP child theme friendly?

Yes and no.

Many developers have setup JointsWP to be used with a child theme, however, it is not the recommended way of using the theme. It requires a lot of work to keep a theme "child theme friendly" and often hinders development.

So while you are free to use the theme in any way you want, I highly recommend making all changes directly to the theme. Make it yours. That way you aren't dependent on what changes I may, or may not, make.

You can always easily upgrade the Foundation version. Especially if you are using the Sass version of the theme, which has Bower support. 

Who do you recommend for hosting?

I recently made the switch to WP Engine and couldn't be happier. All of their packages include automatic daily backups, a no-hack guarantee, awesome support and much more. The best part was probably the noticeable speed improvements I saw - even on small websites. runs 2.5x faster on WP Engine than it did with my previous host.

They'll even tell you why your website is slow (and what you can do about it) - for free!

Does JointsWP work with Gravity Forms?

Yes! In fact, it works very well. You can see how to setup Gravity Forms to use Foundation 5 Form Styling here.

What license does JointsWP use?

GNU General Public License & MIT.

Confused yet?

All JointsWP and WordPress functions and styles are under the GPL license. All Foundation components fall under the MIT license.

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