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Getting Started
Jeremy Englert
2015-01-16 21:59:16 -0800

About These Docs

JointsWP is a blank WordPress theme built that includes all of the power of Foundation 6. To learn more about specific Foundation components, check out the Foundation 6 Documentation.

The documentation laid out on this site will cover how to get started with JointsWP and how some Foundation components, such as off-canvas components and menus, are integrated with WordPress.

What comes with JointsWP?

JointsWP comes pre-baked with all of the great features that are found in the Foundation framework - simply put, if it works in Foundation, it will work in JointsWP. The theme also includes:

  • Sass or CSS Versions
  • Multiple Foundation Navigation Options
  • Motion-UI Support
  • Grid  Archive Template
  • Translation Support
  • Bower and Gulp Support
  • And much, much more!

What tools do I need to use JointsWP?

You can use whatever you want - seriously. You can use CodeKit, Grunt, Compass or nothing at all. It's completely up to you how you decide to build your theme - JointsWP won't get in the way of your workflow.

The Sass version of the theme does include Gulp and is optimized for a Gulp-based workflow. To get the most out of JointsWP and Foundation, Gulp is highly recommended.