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File Structure
Jeremy Englert
2015-12-10 22:04:21 -0800

Sass Version

Custom Styles

  • style.css - this file is never actually loaded, however, this is where you set your theme name and is required by WordPress
  • assets/styles/scss/style.scss - import all of your styles here. If you create an additional SCSS file, be sure to import it here.
  • assets/styles/scss/_main.scss - place all of your custom styles here.
  • assets/styles/scss/_settings.scss - adjust Foundation style settings here.
  • assets/styles/scss/login.scss - place custom login styles here. This will generate it's own stylesheet.

Custom Scripts

  • assets/scripts/js/ - place your custom scripts here. Each .JS file will be compiled and concatenated when the build process is ran.


  • assets/images/ - place your theme images here. Each image will be optimized when the build process is ran.

CSS Version

Coming soon.