Control and streaming server for Uniden BCT8 scanners
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Multicast server for Uniden BCT8 scanners

Things you might have to configure:
- You need pySerial (
- Path to serial device (/dev/ttyUSB0)
- Control port number (9200) may be in use by something else
- db.conf will need to be created with MySQL connection information for the script.
 "host": "",
 "user": "fcculs",
 "passwd": "nottelling",
 "db": "fcculs"

Open a TCP connection to the server on port 9200 to interact with the serial
device. We assume that the device behaves like a BCT8 and sends data as strings
terminated with a carriage return '\r'. All terminators are converted to the
standard '\n' as seen in most environments. Netcat works well as a basic client

All responses from the serial port are sent to all connected clients. Commands
sent from other clients will not be echoed to you. allows you to search a reduced version of the FCC ULS database for
callsigns, owners, frequencies and export them as programming commands for the
BCT8. Utilities for generating this database from public FCC data are coming
soon. If you need it sooner, contact synack .at. uses the TCP connection to send a list of programming commands to the