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Clusto client libraries and utilities

clustohttp (the core of the client libraries) emulates the Clusto API to a limited extent with an instance of the ClustoProxy class. You must tell the ClustoProxy where you're running clusto-httpd by either passing the url argument to it's constructor, or by setting the CLUSTO_URL and optionally the CLUSTO_AUTH environment variables. CLUSTO_URL should be in the form with no trailing slash. CLUSTO_AUTH should be a username:password if your API requires HTTP Basic authentication.

Example redis templating


{% set redis_master = server.attr_value(key='redis', subkey='master', merge=True) %}
{% set redis_port = server.attr_value(key='redis', subkey='port', merge=True) %}

daemonize no
pidfile /var/run/

{% for ip in server.attr_values(key='ip', subkey='ipstring') %}
bind {{ ip }}
{% endfor %}

{% if redis_port %}
port {{ redis_port }}
{% endif %}

{% if redis_master %}
slaveof {{ redis_master }}
{% endif %}

Generating the config:

export CLUSTO_URL=
export CLUSTO_AUTH=username:password
clusto-template -r . redis.conf.template /etc/redis.conf