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-- Copyright 2021 (C) Jeremy Grosser
-- SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
with HAL.Real_Time_Clock; use HAL.Real_Time_Clock;
with RP.Timer; use RP.Timer;
with RP.Device;
with RP.Clock;
with RP.GPIO;
with Pico;
-- Helper methods for formatting date and time as an ISO 8601 string
with Text_Format;
with Ada.Text_IO;
procedure Main is
-- Try to trigger a Y2K bug
Date : RTC_Date :=
(Day_Of_Week => Sunday,
Year => 99,
Month => December,
Day => 31);
Time : RTC_Time :=
(Hour => 23,
Min => 59,
Sec => 50);
T : RP.Timer.Time;
RP.Clock.Initialize (Pico.XOSC_Frequency);
Pico.LED.Configure (RP.GPIO.Output);
RP.Device.RTC.Set (Time, Date);
-- Wait a couple seconds after setting the time to ensure it reads back
-- correctly.
T := RP.Timer.Clock + Ticks_Per_Second * 2;
RP.Device.Timer.Delay_Until (T);
RP.Device.RTC.Get (Time, Date);
-- Printing over semihosting I/O is slow enough that we occasionally
-- lose a second. If you're using this for anything important, consider
-- using a UART for output instead.
(Text_Format.To_String (Time, Date));
T := T + Ticks_Per_Second;
RP.Device.Timer.Delay_Until (T);
end loop;
end Main;