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WP Photo Sphere

WP Photo Sphere is a filter that allows you to display 360×180 degree panoramas. With WP Photo Sphere, your visitors will be able to navigate through your panoramas without install any plugin.

WP Photo Sphere is based on the JavaScript library Photo Sphere Viewer.

This plugin allows you to display equirectangular panoramas, taken with a classic camera or with Photo Sphere on Android and iOS.

WP Photo Sphere is available in:

How to install it

Like any other plugin, copy the wp-photo-sphere folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Then, activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress

How to use it

Use the Add a panorama button to upload or choose a panorama to insert into your post.

Since version 3.1, it is possible to read a distant panorama located on another website thanks to its URL. To do that, do not indicate any ID number and use the url attribute. Note that this feature does not work with domains that did not enable CORS. For example: [sphere url=""].

The default title displayed on each WP Photo Sphere link can be changed in the options page. You can also choose to display an unique title for a specific panorama by using the title attribute. Note that the %title% tag is also available in this attribute.

By default, the dimensions are 560 x 315 pixels but you can change that in the options page (in the Settings menu).

You can also choose different dimensions for each panorama using the attributes width and height. For example: [sphere 42 width="200" height="400"] or [sphere 42 width="50%" height="300"].

A maximum width can also be given with the attribute max_width, for example: [sphere 42 width="700" max_width="80%"]. Its default value can be changed in the options page.

The navigation bar allows users to zoom, animate the panorama or view it in fullscreen. To display it, just use the navbar attribute with the value yes: [sphere 42 navbar="yes"].

You can choose to display it (or not) on all of your panoramas in the options page. If you display it on all of your panoramas and want to deactivate it on one particular panorama, use the navbar attribute with the value no.

By default, panoramas are automatically animated after 2000 milliseconds, but you can change this with the anim_after attribute. You can also deactivate the animation with the value -1. For example: [sphere 42 anim_after="5000"] or [sphere 42 anim_after="-1"].

You can set the animation speed with the anim_speed attribute. It accepts six units: revolutions per minute/second (rpm/rps), degrees per minute/second (dpm/dps) or radians per minute/second (rad per minute/second). The default speed can be set in the options page. Example: [sphere 42 anim_speed="10rpm"].

With the autoload attribute, a panorama will start automatically after the page has loaded. For example: [sphere 42 autoload] or [sphere 42 width="300" height="150" autoload].

Minimal and maximal levels of zoom can be personalized in the options page by changing the minimal and maximal fields of view. You can also use the min_fov and max_fov attributes.


This plugin is available under the MIT license.


WP Photo Sphere is a plugin for WordPress, a filter that allows you to display 360-degree panorama.






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