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Free Time Projects
LibSass Test
Loyola Marymount Works


A collection of various projects, ideas, and speculations I have worked on previously or currently.

Directory Contents

Free Time Projects

Keyword finder and replace

  • A lightweight text crawler I created to reverse engineer some originally encrypted keywords contained in a bot used to crawl other sites. The purpose was to understand the uses of the different keywords and to make it easier to see their application inside the full program they were being used in.


  • My first attempt at using php to interact with database, using very basic practices. I envision later on (if I ever use php again...) using better security encryptions and creating a larger, personal database locally to store and retrieve files on a home-server.


  • First use and practice with Ruby language, simple vowel stripper created from a challenge problem from


  • Using Twillio I created an alerter for my friends and I to tell when we turned on our Minecraft Server, so we wouldn't have to constantly, manually text each other when we started playing games.


  • Captures the output of OSX command tmutils status. Used for a program I created to display time machine information as its happening on my computer.

LibSass Test

  • After having used CSS forever over the summer of 2016, I decided to find an easier, more "Python like" scheme of minimal code (I love Python). I found Sass easier to use, and will continue to adopt it as my preferred web styling language (with conversions to css in final production of course).

Loyola Marymount Works

Freshman - Java

Sophomore - Various languages and projects

Junior - EcmaScript, Python, Prolog, MIPS, HTML, C

  • Projects categorized by year, lots of projects here, most are assignments, others are self made.
  • The "Random" directory is where a good amount of my favorite/best side projects are. It also contains work from challenges I partook in. My personal favorites being the Cryptography Services, where I first learned and practiced various forms of security, and Scrapy, one of my top favorite Python libraries for web crawling. I first used it to create a highly successful picture scraping bot on reddit for Space related images, saving them directly in my computers backgrounds folder.
  • Summer17 is where I will store the majority of projects I am doing that summer, as I am doing a "100 days of code" goal.
  • TODO: find project, update the freshman/sophomore projects to more modern, best practices formats.


  • Currently houses the Python files in which my @Current_ETH Twitter account performs rudimentary coin analysis on price of Ethereum, then tweets information about said coin.
  • Every 30 minutes scans for news/exciting information about ethereum and tweets the link.
  • Performs half hour, hourly, twelve hour analysis of Ethereum.


  • This is the directory that contains one of my favorite projects, where I created a web scraping bot for reddit to save photos relating to space in my computers desktop backgrounds.


  • Another one of my favorite projects. Created over Summer16, this was the first large scale project I took on. using Python/Selenium, and JS I made my first clothing buying bot. I got the idea because of my love of mens fashion, as well as the money making opportunity presented from buying and selling the clothing/shoes.
  • The first time I saw success from this bot was one of the more proud moments of my coding career, I remember coming home from work and even skipping eating dinner because I was so obsessed with completing it.


  • Shortify is an idea Im still developing involving a Chrome extension to provide summarizations of website articles, primarily news related for users who don't want to read large pieces. Using the technology from at the moment (plans to develop my own summarization algorithms) it would grab the body of the main text of the website and condense it down to 7-12 sentences, giving the most important points.


  • Small directory of website idea I had relating to a clothing web-magazine created with my friends. It never took off, but most of the frameworks were created and ready to put into action.