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checkIn is the first blockchain based hotel automation service aimed at bringing hotels into the modern age.

The idea behind checkIn is to streamline the hotel industry, making it a more satisfying experience for both client and manager. Managers will have the advantages of a modern, attractive, and competitive platform that will allow them to keep up with the changing travel industry. Clients/Users/Travelers will see the benefits of a secure, easy to use, efficient travel experience all powered by the Blockchain network.

Initial Problem

One of the major hassles of traveling comes from booking a place to stay. Dealing with reception, handing over personal information, and trusting the hotel service are driving many people to competing services like Airbnb.

Hotel Managers are losing hundreds of millions of dollars per year to Airbnb, and at the current rate will continue to do so unless a change is made to modernize and deal with the problems of the hotel platform.


The checkIn platform presents a blockchain based smart contract that would allow for hotel managers to construct a "hotel" on the blockchain which would handle the reservation, checkIn, checkout, availability services for them, reducing the amount of manageable work needed to run their business. The consumer benefit and marketable product is the ease of use for booking and staying in hotels, additionally not having to hand over any personal information to the hotel and risk having their information stolen.


The platform would look something similar to this: top The user would first be prompted to give the dates they want to stay at the hotel, then clicking the button to check room availability. Middle Once presented with the chart of available rooms, the user would click on one of the available, visible rooms, which would them take them to the payment section. Bottom At the payment section, the user would have their price listed for the toal duration of their stay, and by clicking on "Pay Now" would be prompted to pay to make the transaction.

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