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Rust bindings for SFML, the Simple and Fast Multimedia Library.


  • Linux, Windows, or OS X
  • Rust 1.56 or later
  • SFML 2.5
  • A C++ compiler for building CSFML
  • libclang for generating the low level bindings (See bindgen instructions)


The API documentation is available at:

If you need help with setting up rust-sfml on your system, you can take a look at the wiki.
Please take note that:

  • This wiki is supported by the community
  • The rust-sfml core team doesn't review it
  • Your contribution is welcome


This software is a binding of the SFML library created by Laurent Gomila, which is provided under the Zlib/png license.

This software is provided under the same license as SFML, the Zlib/png license.


rust-sfml users are welcome on the Official SFML Discord server