Interactive Windows Store app providing a presentation of what's new with WinJS
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re//build WinJS

An interactive slide deck presenting the latest changes to the WinJS library.


Although I have been writing JavaScript-based applications for 20 years and Windows Store apps using C# and XAML for nearly three years now, this is my first JavaScript Windows Store app. As such, please do not consider this an example of best practices or commonly used patterns - it was a fun project to achieve the goal of delivering a presentation through the use of the technology I was presenting with, but I expect the app will be refactored several times (maybe to use Angular?) before I can make it a refereanceable "store-ready" app.

This app uses pure HTML5 and JavaScript with the benefit of WinJS to recap the //build 2014 announcements relating to WinJS. Visit the WinJS online site for the latest details. I have also pulled in the animation.css to demonstrate how third-party open-source projects can run without modification in Windows Store apps. This is truly the power of WinJS: the fact that it opens Windows app development to an amazingly large and rich ecosystem of existing frameworks and libraries.

Follow me @JeremyLikness and visit my blog to stay current with the latest trends in enterprise app development!

Web App

One of the benefits you'll read about in the presentation to WinJS is that Microsoft has released an open source version. After you work with this app locally, be sure to check out the web app version that can run in any browser.

Build re//build WinJS

In order to build //rebuild WinJS, ensure that you have git installed.

Clone a copy of the master //rebuild WinJS git repo:

git clone

Open in Visual Studio 2013 and build/deploy.


Use SPACEBAR to advance and BACKSPACE to return to the previous slide. For slides with dynamic content and bullets, the RIGHT ARROW will make these items appear. Use UP ARROW to return to the table of contents from individual slides.


Currently the app has not been enhanced with gesture recognition or accessibility.