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Introduction to TypeScript for JavaScript developers
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Introduction to TypeScript for JavaScript developers

This project contains the presentation and sample code for my "Introduction to TypeScript for JavaScript Developers" session at the Atlanta JavaScript Meetup.

Run the Presentation.


The following examples are included in this project.

Learning TypeScript Samples

The samples folder contains a simple project to illustrate various TypeScript features. The examples are best viewed from an IDE like Visual Studio Code for development-time feedback. From the folder, you can:

npm install to install pre-requisite dependencies.

npm run-script tsc builds JavaScript files from the examples.

node 001-types runs the first example.

npm run-script tsc:w builds and watches, useful for commenting/uncommenting code to walk through the example.

npm run-script tsc:es6 builds for ECMAScript 2015 to illustrate differences in output despite the same TypeScript source.


The project folder contains a very simple web project that uses TypeScript.

Next Steps


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