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GPUProfiler v1.04

@JeremyMain JeremyMain released this
· 22 commits to master since this release
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I have completed implementing and testing all of the new enhancements to the 1.04 release of GPUProfiler.
gpuprofiler 1 04

A short list of changes from v1.03 -> 1.04

  • In-graph display of utilization data in percentage or actual value for loaded files and for post collection results
  • Scroll, pan and zoom support via mouse wheel.
  • Re-sizable windows, size retained for each mode (normal/dashboard)
  • Dashboard mode via double clicking on the graph (revert to prior view via same method)


  • Resource histogram analysis analyzes the current visible time range (zoom in to examine a particular operation’s resource utilization)
  • Improvement in histogram calculation and handling of 100% and 0% values.
  • Histogram width increased to give better visibility
  • Selective display of histogram data based on current data display options
  • Double clicking each histogram toggles between auto-scale and fixed scale mode
    -- Fixed scale
    -- Automatic scale
  • Keyboard accelerators to show/hide the graph data in the plot, data tooltip and the histogram:
    -- 'C' - CPU
    -- 'R' - RAM
    -- 'G' - GPU
    -- 'F' - Framebuffer
    -- 'E' - Video Encoder
    -- 'D' - Video Decoder
  • The Analysis (histogram) can be shown or hidden with
    -- 'A' - Analysis
  • When data is loaded these hotkey control the display of utilization information when the mouse is within the graph results:
    -- 'U' - Utilization
    -- 'V' - Values (and utilization where appropriate)
  • Dependencies have been statically linked to remove the prior requirement to install Visual Studio redistributables
  • ‘GPD’ file associations are set on startup based on current executable path, GPD file icon added as well.
  • Zoom full to profile overview when profile collection has been completed
  • Removed checks that prevented the application from running in environments without NVML or an NVIDIA GPU
  • Improved scrolling/panning during profiling when in a zoomed view state
  • Multi GPU collection and support in the GPD data file but no current display in the UI
  • Added a disclaimer for my employer (thank you Rachel) in the about box
  • Font improvements to handle large DPI display users