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GPUProfiler v1.05

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@JeremyMain JeremyMain released this 05 Sep 17:28
· 22 commits to master since this release

The latest release of GPUProfiler v1.05 is finally available.

New Features

  • Dark UI theme (light theme can be enabled in options) #50

  • Automated timed series profiling via command line options #55

Flag Type Max Value Description
-i int 60 Sample interval
-d int 3660 Profile duration (in minutes)
-r int 500 Repeat (number of times)
-f string Output path/filename.
-t Append time stamp
-m Minimize during profiling
-x Exit on completion

Example usage:
GPUProfiler.exe -i 1 -d 30 -r 10 -f c:\tmp\profile.gpd -t -m -x

  • Run in TaskTray option added #56 | #58

  • Retain user defaults in the registry and load on startup #37 | #38 | #50 | #54

    • Default interval, duration, plot bold level as well as the application standard and dash-view window sizes /positions are also saved.
  • Remoting Agent version detection (Citrix / VMware) #25 | #26 | #31

  • GPU WDDM or TCC mode detection #43

  • Display total visible time in X-axis for assisting you visual and logical orientation within the plot.

New Monitoring Capabilities

  • Per-Process GPU utilization monitoring (currently not serialized in the GPD file, no graph support -yet)
    • Maxwell/Pascal generation GPUs for Virtual Machines and workstations (Kepler physical machine support is untested)
    • This requires NVIDIA driver version 385.41 or later


  • Improved DPI scaling support, 100%, 125%, 200% #40
  • Default profile view displays the first 60 samples and scrolls from then on #57
  • Improved display performance for longer profile runs.
  • Two step bolding of the individual plot lines, (third step is to hide it) hotkey ‘g’ for GPU, etc. #22
  • Three step bolding of the plot lines (hotkey ‘b’) #41
  • Legend display toggle (hotkey 'l') #42
  • Dash-view automatically hides legend and Axis labels #42
  • Resource utilization histogram update when visible data range changes
  • Arrow keys translate within the plot view
  • Ctrl+up (zoom in), Ctrl+down (zoom out)
  • 4 state 'Home' and 'End' functions
    1. Zoom all
    2. Show first / last 50% of total
    3. Show first / last 25% of total
    4. Show first / last 13% of total.
  • 'Page Up' / 'Page Down' translate along the X-Axis

There are other small changes from v1.04 that I have made, and as with all new releases, there are corner cases that I have not completely tested and would appreciate any discovered bugs to be added to the Issues page.
New feature requests can be added and tracked there as well.