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GPUProfiler v1.05a

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@JeremyMain JeremyMain released this 28 Feb 18:25
· 21 commits to master since this release

Bug fix release



  • Exception error when loading saved GPD file via explorer file association #68
  • Incorrect header in CSV output #69
  • Automatic timed series profiling works only on first loop #72
  • Automatic timed series profiling, file path handling improvement #73
  • Fallback to NVAPI where NVML functionality is limited and restricts accurate utilization metrics (frame buffer reported to be 100% utilized) #74
  • Suppress warning dialog(s) when GPUProfiler is run before the driver is loaded after installation (reboot requirement not met) #75
  • Process utilization header "FRB" -> "MC" the values returned from NVML include the memory controller utilization and not the Framebuffer utilization #76
  • Show the total memory controller utilization in the "_TOTAL" line #76