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GPUProfiler v1.07a

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@JeremyMain JeremyMain released this 06 May 16:51
· 17 commits to master since this release



  • When GPUProfiler is running using the command line arguments to automatically collect and save data without user input, if a user logs off of the session or a shutdown event occurs, the collected data will be saved before the session is terminated at the path specified by the command line arguments. (#97 , #114 )

Bugs fixed:

  • Opening GPD file from an email attachment fails (#99)
  • Spaces in CSV output preceding values (#118)
  • Resizing window causes zoomed view to display full (#112)
  • Selective display hotkey operations cause zoomed view to display full (#111)
  • GPU encode/decode utilization may not be displayed when loaded from a saved file (#116)