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GPUProfiler v1.07a3

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@JeremyMain JeremyMain released this 27 Jun 16:54
· 2 commits to master since this release

Release Details

Yet another minor bug-fix release.
V1.07b is still very much alive and being tested, I just wanted to address a few important requests that warrant having another minor release before v1.07b.

#145 : Specified sample interval isn't apply as default
#148 : Removing "Host" (computername) from header of the * .GPD file

New command line parameter "-p" to not collect system identity information

New application option to not collect system identity information and can be saved as a default application option

New tool/feature - GPD2CSV

Convert a single or a group of GPD files with wildcard support to CSV format.
Consider this to be beta quality and please report any issues.

#149 : Create a GPD2CSV batch converter for .GPD files into .CSV files

Convert GPUProfiler GPD file(s) to CSV format Version v1.07a2 [6-24-2021]
Usage: gpd2csv [FILE.GPD]       Convert a single GPD file to CSV format
       gpd2csv [FILE*.GPD]      Convert multiple GPD files to CSV format using wildcards