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Firework is a Real-time Logging App for IOT and websites.

Firework is open source and can be installed on Linux, OS X and Windows.

Try out the latest hosted version at or install your own Firework server.

Getting Started

For full documentation including installation visit the official documentation at:

Alternatively, follow the instructions below:


Installation is straightforward and should only take a couple of minutes depending on your internet connection.

There are two main steps:

  • Install Meteor
  • Install Firework

Install Meteor

Firework uses Meteor so the first task is to install the latest version of Meteor.

Linux and Mac

To install Meteor on Linux and the Mac:

curl | sh


Download the installer from the Meteor Installation Page.

Note: For further information go to the Meteor Installation Page and follow the instructions for your operating system.

Install Firework

To install Firework clone the latest version from Github or fork and clone your own version.

To clone from github:

git clone

To fork then clone:

  • Go to the github Firework page
  • Click on the Fork button (top right)
  • When the fork has completed, clone from your newly created fork as above

Running Firework

To run Firework navigate to the directory you have cloned and run Meteor, e.g.

cd firework

Note: If you are running Firework on then the command is: meteor --port $IP:$PORT

Once the server has started point your browser at http://localhost:3000/ to visit the real-time dashboard.

Quick Links

Build Status

Codeship Status for JeremyNevill/firework

Passing builds are continuously deployed to the test server.


Firework provides:

  • Realtime Web Dashboard
  • Logging API - REST with Json Body

Log items include properties such as:

  • actor (who)
  • action (what)
  • amount
  • units
  • date and time.

Once log items have been added you can browse the real-time timeline to see what happened when.

Items can be added via the inbound rest API or manually through the dashboard.

Integration to online services such as Zapier enable realtime logging of hundreds of upstream devices and applications.

For comprehensive instructions visit the documentation and support website.


Firework can be deployed on Linux, OS X, and Windows operating systems.

Firework requires Meteor v1.2 which in turn uses MongoDb and Node JS.

Get in Contact

We'd love to hear what you think of Firework, get in contact via twitter JeremyNevill or email