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A Toto client library for iOS
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Using Toto with iOS is simple. Either copy the source into your project, or build and link to the library and include TotoService.h.

Initialize an instance of TotoService with [TotoService serviceWithURL:(NSURL*)] (Uses JSON) or [TotoService serviceWithURL:(NSURL*) BSON:YES] to use BSON.

Note: BSON must be enabled on the server in order to use BSON.

TotoService provides methods for account creation and authentication which will automatically store session tokens and associate them with the NSURL used to instantiate the instance. This means that an application can interact with multiple Toto servers independently. Both authentication methods can take an NSDictionary with additional parameters, though they are unused by default.

If an authorized method is called without a valid session ID, either TOTO_ERROR_NOT_AUTHORIZED or TOTO_ERROR_INVALID_SESSION_ID will be returned. An object that implements the TotoServiceAuthenticationDelegate protocol can be passed to the authenticationDelegate property of an instance of TotoService in order to conveniently handle these errors, and optionally call the triggering method again with the original parameters after authentication is complete.

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