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from base import *
class TX(object):
def __init__(self, parent_tx, _from, to_amounts, sig=""):
self.parent_tx = parent_tx
self._from = _from
self.to_amounts = to_amounts
self.sig = sig
self.tx = (self.parent_tx, self._from, self.to_amounts)
def amount_spent(self):
return sum(a for (_, a) in self.to_amounts)
def sign(self, sk):
return TX(self.parent_tx, self._from, self.to_amounts, sk.sign_deterministic(str(self.tx)))
def verifySig(self):
vk = VerifyingKey.from_string(self._from)
return vk.verify(self.sig, str(self.tx))
raise ValueError("Sig Bad")
def hash(self):
def serialize(self):
return str( (self.sig, self.tx))
def deserialize(s):
v = ast.literal_eval(s)
if isinstance(v, tuple) and isinstance(v[1], tuple) and len(v) == 2 and len(v[1]) == 3:
t = TX(v[1][0], v[1][1], v[1][2], v[0])
if any(amount < 0 for (to, amount) in t.to_amounts):
raise ValueError("No Negative Values legal")
return t
raise ValueError("Malformed tx")
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