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A .NET build system written in C# and Boo

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Phantom is a .NET build system written in C# and Boo.

For discussion, please use the mailing list:

For complete documentation see the Phantom wiki:

Posts about Phantom can be found on my blog:

This project is licensed under the Microsoft Public License.


desc "Compiles the solution"
target compile:
  msbuild(file: "MySolution.sln", configuration: "release")

desc "Executes tests"
target test:
  nunit(assembly: "path/to/TestAssembly.dll")

desc "Copies the binaries to the 'build' directory"
target deploy:
	with FileList("src/MyApp/bin/release"):
		.ForEach def(file):
desc "Creates zip package"
target package:
  zip("build", 'build/')

Many thanks to the following for their contributions to this project:

- Andrey Shchekin (
- Ben Scheirman (
- Emil Cardell (
- Mark Embling (
- Mikael Henrixon (
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