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Implementation of git-http-backend for IIS7/ASP.NET
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This is a simple implementation of git-http-backend written in ASP.NET that can be used to read/write git repositories on Windows with IIS.

** This was an experimental project that is no longer maintained, developed or supported. Please feel free to use the code but no further changes will be made and pull requests will not be merged in **

Inspired by Grack (

This is largely untested, but has been developed with IIS7.5 under Windows 7 x64. 

The version of GitSharp included is a custom build with some minor changes. Details to follow.

- VS2010 with .NET 4
- IIS7+

Edit the web.config and change the "RepositoriesDirectory" app-setting to point to a directory containing git repositories.

Assuming that your repositories directory looks like this:


...and the RepositoriesDirectory app-setting is configured to be C:\Repositories:

		<add key="RepositoriesDirectory" value="C:\Repositories"/>
...and the application is configured under IIS7 on port 8000, then issuing the following command will cone the Repo1.git repository:

git clone http://localhost:8000/Repo1.git

Once cloned, push/pull work as expected.

There are currently no tests (something I hope to rectify soon). If you run into a problem, the best way to troubleshoot is by using Fiddler to see the raw request/response data.