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[ c o n e x ] : : To( "$(Exchange of your $Choice)" )

Conex is a set of commands that ease connecting to - and disconnecting from - Exchange /Online, using plain Windows PowerShell. A quick series of choice prompts caters to the common Exchange targets while parameters accommodate unattended scenarios:

[ c o n e x ] is now available from the PowerShell Gallery

1. Connect-Exchange (a.k.a. conex)

The first command (function) is Connect-Exchange. It does what its name implies. Its alias, 'conex' (included with the module) is where this module got its name.

The best way to learn how to use Connect-Exchange is to just call it - PS C:\> conex [Enter] - and follow along with the randomized tips and guided choice prompts. It's designed to be easy, and informative.

Menus (choice prompts):

  • Exchange Online (currently requires EXO PS module, but Basic option coming soon).
  • Exchange On-Premises
    • FQDN
    • Authentication
      • Basic (HTTPS)
      • Default
        • HTTP
        • HTTPS

Available parameters

  • -Credential (for either Exchange / EXO)
  • -UserPrincipalName (for EXO, enabling silent re-auths, even when MFA-enabled)
  • -ExchangeFqdn (for Exchange On-Premises)
  • -CommandName (Exchange/EXO, to download only specific commands)

2. Disconnect-Exchange (a.k.a. noconex)

Quick/easy/clean session removal. Note conex offers to end existing sessions as well (if detected).

3. Set-ConexTitle (a.k.a. tex)

Easily update the PowerShell window title to show the connected Exchange server. Easily revert back afterwards by calling tex again after disconnecting.

Upcoming features

In the future I plan on adding at least a few more things to this module. Not in any particular order, some of these are:

  • Exchange Online Basic Authentication option (Connect-Exchange).
  • An option to save Exchange server FQDN's and authentication/protocol options in a history list (Connect-Exchange). Will be managed through an XML file in the module root folder.
  • New function for setting defaults/preferences. Will be managed through an XML file in the module root folder.
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