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JevaEngine - Java Isometric Game Engine

Project Page:

Source Code Repository for JevaEngine - An Isoemtric Java Game Engine

JevaEngine is currently under very early development, and the source code is still being conditioned for user contribution.


JevaEngine is open-sourced under the LGPLv2.1 License:


  • Pure Java Implementation. No native dependencies, maximizing cross-platform ability.
  • Fully Scriptable. Scriptable scenes, events & NPCs (Scripts are written in JavaScript)
  • UI Is entirely skinnable and customizable - Jeva Core provides a solid infastructure for most general UI components.
  • Basic particle engine (implemented primary for attack\heal\projectile effects so nothing too fancy)
  • Fully capable quest system & dialogue system (dialogue can be complex with various pathways which effect any internal variables of the character (i.e. moral))
  • Most of the engine is entirely extensible - with logical partitions in implementation logic between Java and external scripts.
  • Map Editor, Dialogues can be contructed via freemind


You can take a look at some of the demonstration videos for jevaengine here.

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How to Contribute

  • You can contact the project administrator (Jeremy. Allen. Wildsmith) at
  • You must sign and agree to the CLA (Contributor License Agreement) here. the contributor license agreement allows JevaEngine developers (and the user-base of JevaEngine) to use your contributions to the project under the project's license.

How to Compile\Use

JevaEngine is fairly straight-forward to compile. As JevaEngine uses Maven as its build platform, the project is very portable accross various IDEs and dependency resolution is very easy.