new version of google analytics plugin using latest code #2671

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sycom commented Dec 20, 2016


thanks to @tobibeer comments on my former pull request, here is a new one.

Most comments have been integrated except one : I did not find any way to unobfuscate google code. I did had a reference to documentation. By the way this plugin is a bit special : needs an internet connexion to work and uses piece of non-free non open-source code. May be a Piwik or Open Web Analytics would be better, but not anybody can access a Piwik hosting...

best wishes

sycom added some commits Oct 26, 2016
@sycom sycom Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' b2d393d
@sycom sycom Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 358715a
@sycom sycom trying to implement new googleanalytics tracker 364a7c7
@sycom sycom trying to put new google tracker. Not working... b58eee4
@sycom sycom Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' c34f506
@sycom sycom more dev options for testing
still don"t understand wants goes wrong
@sycom sycom Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' d50b460
@sycom sycom New version. Seems to work 505af1b
@sycom sycom Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 384c7ca
@sycom sycom Merge branch 'master' into plugin-googleanalytics 1181773
@sycom sycom Merge branch 'master' of 51d77ac
@sycom sycom Merge branch 'master' of 4f82ef9
@sycom sycom Merge branch 'master' into plugin-googleanalytics f4ef96d
@sycom sycom achieved update for new tests
brought back settings value
created a settings tab to make it easier
@sycom sycom adding settings to plugin
add a settings tab to plugin to make it easier to use and see which GA account is in use
@sycom sycom Merged branch plugin-googleanalytics into master 2e65f05
@sycom sycom fixes bug with GA_ACCOUNT and GA_DOMAIN tiddlers containing newlines …
…at their end, preventing plugins to work
@sycom sycom soft rebase on jermolene's master cc84474
@sycom sycom Merge branch 'plugin-googleanalytics' with i s o g r a m Google code 769d1cf
@sycom sycom Merge branch 'master' of 6a3bf05
@sycom sycom Merge branch 'plugin-googleanalytics' c31ee3e
@sycom sycom end of master rebasing. I'm definitly not a git master :-/ 285801a
@sycom sycom revert to oldest version of GA_account and GA_domain tiddlers - had b…
…een overwritten by ones with a new line at the end
@sycom sycom Integrates some @tobibeer comments
* googleanalytics.js : removed "rebranding", var declaration and console log. Did not manage to get a non-minified version of Google script. But as far as I can see, jermolene's original plugin did same way
* : placed "readme" first
* readme : back to previous "legacy" version. No more mention to temporary fork. Added mention and link to google official code.
@sycom sycom Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 0acb92a
@sycom sycom Merge branch 'plugin-googleanalytics' b849340

thx @sycom


Hi @sycom thanks for this, and apologies for the delayed response. To my surprise, it seems that you haven't yet signed the CLA, could you kindly do so in a separate PR, as per the instructions in Many thanks


Thanks @sycom

@Jermolene Jermolene merged commit c16f966 into Jermolene:master Jan 3, 2017
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