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Template bridge

Template bridge between your legacy php code and newer template engines.


Requires minimum of PHP 7.0. Also uses srcoder/normalize-strings for string manipulation.


  • Plain
  • Twig
  • Compatible

Basic usage

Use the manager to define your templates.

use \Srcoder\TemplateBridge\Manager;
use \Srcoder\TemplateBridge\Engine\Twig;
use \Srcoder\TemplateBridge\Engine\Plain;

// Initialize template bridge
$templateBridge = new Manager;
// or static
$templateBridge = Manager::instance();

// Add a engine
        'twig',         // Name
        new Twig(),     // Template engine
        300             // Prio, higher is more important

        'plain',        // Name
        new Plain(),    // Template engine
        600             // Prio, higher is more important

// Adding a file
// Will search for file.twig and file

// Render template
echo $templateBridge->render();


When rendering something you can add data to it.

use \Srcoder\TemplateBridge\Data;

echo $templateBridge->render(new Data(['key' => 'value']))

Fun part

Twig engine

When a Twig file is found it will work exactly as you expect.

Plain engine

Plain files will replace {{$variable}} from the Data object Plain engine can also be used for javascript and html

Compatible engine