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QueryR API is an application that provides a REST webservice for accessing [Wikibase] (http://wikiba.se) data.

System dependencies

  • PHP >= 7
  • php5-sqlite (only needed for running the tests)


composer install
cp app/config/db-example.json app/config/db.json

The database schema can be initialized via the install command of the [Replicator CLI tool] (https://github.com/JeroenDeDauw/Replicator).

Running the API

For development

cd web
php -S localhost:8000

For production, see the Silex documentation on webserver configuration.

API documentation

This REST API is self documenting. Hit the root endpoint to get a list of available endpoints.

Running the tests

For tests only

composer test

For style checks only

composer cs

For a full CI run

composer ci


When accessing the API via web/index.dev.php, profiling information will be generated and in app/cache/profiler. You can access the profiler UI via index.dev.php/_profiler.

Internal structure

  • web/: web accessible code
    • index.php: production entry point
  • app/: contains configuration and all framework (Silex) dependent code
    • bootstrap.php: framework application bootstrap (used by System tests)
    • routes.php: defines the routes and their handlers
    • Endpoints/: some of the route handlers have a dedicated file here to not clutter routes.php
  • src/: contains framework agnostic code
    • ApiFactory.php: top level factory and service locator (used by Integration tests)
    • UseCases/: one directory per use case
    • Dependencies on Symfony Components are explicitly defined in composer.json
  • tests/: tests mirror the directory and namespace structure of the production code
    • Unit/: small isolated tests (cannot access app, db or framework)
    • Integration/: tests combining several units (cannot access framework)
    • System/: edge-to-edge tests
    • TestEnvironment.php: encapsulates application setup for integration and system tests
    • Fixtures/: test stubs and spies

Release notes

Version 0.3 (dev)

  • Elements in the data section of the item and property GET response are now ordered by property id
  • Invalid item and property ids now cause a 400 response code instead of a 404 one

Version 0.2 (2015-12-06)

  • Added top level elements to GET /items/$id default response format:
    • label_url (required string)
    • description_url (required string)
    • aliases_url (required string)
    • wikidata_url (required string)
    • wikipedia_html_url (optional string)
  • Added top level elements to GET /properties/$id default response format:
    • label_url (required string)
    • description_url (required string)
    • aliases_url (required string)
    • wikidata_url (required string)
    • data (required map)
  • The data top level element in the item response format now indexes by property id rather than property label
  • Added property (required map) to statement serialization
  • Values of type wikibase-entityid now get turned into a map with label, id and url rather than into a string
  • Changed GET /items/$id/data/$property_label to /items/$id/data/$property_id

Version 0.1 (2015-11-30)

  • Initial release