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Semantic MediaWiki is a project for extending MediaWiki with "semantic" functions that enable machine-reading of wiki-content.
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About Semantic MediaWiki

Semantic MediaWiki is a project for extending MediaWiki with "semantic" functions that enable machine-reading of wiki-content. For details and further links, see the SMW wiki.

Notes on installing Semantic MediaWiki are found in the INSTALL file.

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If you have remarks, questions, or suggestions, please send them to You can subscribe to this list here.

Bugs should be filed at Bugzilla. (Mark product as MediaWiki extensions and Component as Semantic MediaWiki)

People who want to contribute work to the project should subscribe to the developers list,

Specific inquiries (e.g. for press releases) should go to Markus Krötzsch, Do not contact Markus directly if you just need free technical support -- that is what the user list is for.


Development is coordinated by Jeroen De Dauw and Markus Krötzsch.

Semantic MediaWiki development is partially funded by Institut AIFB of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany; see Specific development tasks have been supported by the European Union under the projects SEKT, NeOn, and Active. SMW has also been supported in the Halo project funded by Vulcan Inc., where development is coordinated by ontoprise GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany.


  • Denny Vrandecic is one of the original core developers.

  • Heiko Haller and Max Völkel contributed to the initial design and basic architectural decisions.

  • The German company Doccheck ( helped to get the implementation going at the early stages of the project, and set up the first testing wiki. The first implementation was done by Klaus Lassleben.

  • Code has been contributed by (in no particular order) S Page, Kai Hüner, Fernando Correia, Yaron Koren, Nick Grandy, Jörg Heizmann, Daniel Herzig, Nikolas Iwan, Tobias Matzner, Thomas Bleher, Felix Kratzer, Frank Dengler, Nathan R. Yergler, Daniel Friesen, Fabian Howahl, Jie Bao, Marcel Gsteiger, Roi Avinoam, Richard Cyganiak, Sanyam Goyal, Devayon Das, Nischay Nahata, James HK, Sam Reed, Karsten Hoffmeyer, Niklas Laxström.

  • The logo and related artwork for Semantic MediaWiki were designed and realised by Markus Krötzsch. A previous version of the SMW logo has been realised by Rozana Vrandecic.


Translations to various languages are provided and maintained by many people. In general, main contributors can be found in the message files. Special thanks are due to Siebrand Mazeland and the project for the excellent translation service they provide.

Credits to other projects

  • Most icons used by Semantic MediaWiki are derived from the "Crystal Clear" icon theme for KDE, which was created by Everaldo.

  • Many people have contributed to the project by providing helpful comments and suggestions. Among them are the members of the Semantic Wiki Interest Group (; see, the people at the project mailing lists, and a number of anonymous reviewers. Thanks a lot!

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