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Adds a button to your YouTube subscriptions feed that allows you to remove videos
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Remove from Feed Button for YouTube

Easily remove videos from your YouTube subscription feed. Ads a (x) button to the right of each video so you can remove them with a single click.

screen shot

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Note: The round "Delete" icon in this extension's icon is by Black Bear Blanc.

Install (use this project)

There are several options for using this project:

Hack This Code

  1. Clone this repository to your local machine
  2. Make sure you have NodeJS installed
  3. Navigate to the root of this project on your local machine in your command line interface
  4. Run npm install to install all required dependencies
  5. Make desired changes to files in src/
  6. Build the source code as described below

If you make useful changes, please create a pull request so I can get them merged back into the master branch and official distribution channels for this project.

Building Source Code

The following gulp build tasks can be used by running them on in your command line interface:

  • gulp script - Compile a userscript version of this code to dist/userscript
  • gulp chrome:build - Create build/chrome directory and files which can be loaded as an unpacked extension
  • gulp chrome:dist - Create a zip file in dist/chrome/chrome-extensionv[version].zip
  • gulp clean - Removes dist/ and build/ folders, along with their contents

Watching for Changes in Source Code

You can watch the source code for changes and automatically re-build the related files by starting the following gulp tasks:

  • gulp script:watch - Watch for changes in the src/ folder, and automatically update build/userscript/
  • gulp chrome:watch - Watch for changes in the src/ folder, and automatically update build/chrome/


If you get an error about gulp not being in your path when you run the commands above, you can try installing gulp globally on your machine by typing npm install -g gulp. If you still have problems (especially on windows machines), you may need to add the path to the gulp binary to your system path. Google will tell you how. ;-)

Auto Reload Chrome Extension

Using gulp chrome-watch with Chrome Extension Auto Reload installed and running allows you to load this project as an unpacked extension from build/chrome and have it automatically reload any time the files in src/ are changed. This saves you having to go to the Chrome extensions tab and hit reload every time you make any changes.


Stories in Ready


Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License

You can share or modify this work as long as you:

  1. Link back to this page
  2. Don't use this or derivatives of this for commercial use
  3. Share your changes so that others can benifit from your improvements.
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